Update 02/21/2021

Update from the Teaneck-Bergenfield Tzedakah Committee: 02/21/2021

The Tzedakah office and our new website, www.tbtzedakah.org is open and available to you. It will provide you with information regarding the meshulachim that we have approved to collect in our community.

Here is our updated process:

We are not giving out paper teudot. You can ascertain our up-to-date approval of any solicitor by visiting the website. In order to find someone in our system, visit our website www.tbtzedakah.org, and click on “Confirm approval”. Enter the password (we suggest you save the password for quick access from your device in the future). In the field “Search content,” enter the name or approval ID that will be provided by the meshulach. We suggest you search by the approval code to overcome spelling mistakes. It is important that you compare the photo on the web site to the person at your home.

Instructions for those without an Approval ID

If the meshulach is unable to provide you with an “approval ID” number, they are not approved to collect. Please give them the Tzedakah office phone number (201 343-5190) and encourage them to call us.

On our website homepage, you will find a printable information sheet to give to the meshulachim that do not have an “approval ID” number.  Click HERE to download the Committee Information Sheet Handout.

Please also see our COVID-19 Safety Notice > Click Here

A request to the community: We, once again, deeply encourage you to overwhelmingly prioritize giving to the meshulachim that have been approved – as per your Rav’s instructions. Our ability to be effective and achieving our goal of providing you with the comfort and joy of helping others, largely depends on your support of our system.

We will continue to review our new system and keep the community informed of enhancements in the process. As always, we encourage your comments and suggestions.

-Teaneck/Bergenfield Tzedakah Committee