Update 02/20/2021

COVID-19 Safety notice from the Tzedakah Committee

Safety is our #1 concern. Please do not allow the meshulachim in your home. We have no way of monitoring if government quarantine rules are being followed. Many of the meshulachim are traveling to Teaneck, often in crowded vehicles where masking and social distancing is not being respected.

Suggestions to ensure safety in your interactions with the meshulachim:

1. Always ensure masking and social distancing is being respected.

2. Consider having envelopes available outside your door and request the meshulach provide his/her address in order to mail a donation. This eliminates any personal contact and you can then go to our website, confirm their approval status and mail them your contribution to the address on our website. (If local address is available.)

3. Many in the community are using their porches, garages and other outside areas to meet. Again, we must respect social distancing and masking in these face-to-face discussions.

We will continue to review our new system and keep the community informed of enhancements in the process. As always, we encourage your comments and suggestions.

-Teaneck/Bergenfield Tzedakah Committee