Update 11/12/2020

Due to the Covid 19 epidemic, The Teaneck/Bergenfield Tzedakah Committee’s office has been closed and no teudot have been issued.  We are now preparing to reopen the office in a limited manner.  We are developing a new system that will ensure the safety of our committee’s volunteers, families in our community and the meshulachim.  We want to continue providing the community with the confidence that meshulachim approved have been appropriately screened and that your tzedakah is going to truly needy individuals or institutions.

Responding to people coming to our doors for tzedakah is a hallmark of a Jewish home and one of the most important visual experiences that can shape empathetic children and giving adults.  However, during this time, we strongly believe that you should not welcome meshulachim into your home.  The new process will enable the community to receive updated information on approved meshulachim using a website, and will provide a means for giving without face to face contact. 

We must repeat that we do not advocate you inviting the meshulachim into your home at this time under any circumstance. We hope to update the community in the next few weeks on our progress in developing the new system with the goal of having the new system in place shortly. 

Feel free to direct your comments or questions to Dovid Schild.

Teaneck/Bergenfield Tzedakah Committee