February 22, 2021

Our Process

Step 1: Complete Application

To obtain our certificate, they must first complete an application (available in English, Russian, and Hebrew). We have four types of applications—one for each of the most common reasons a person solicits funds. These include: Individual Need; Institutional Solicitation; Medical Need; and Hachnosas Kallah.

Step 2: Documentation Review

The completed application is submitted to the committee with supporting documents (letters of reference, other certificates, etc.). After a review of the documents, a committee member will personally speak with the appropriate people who know of the individual wishing to collect funds. (In America, Israel, etc.)

Step 3: Qualification Process

One of the references must be a personal Rav who is known to us personally or by reputation. For example, if a person is requesting to collect on behalf of an organization in Israel, we will make personal contact with a Rav to confirm that they know of the person and will also confirm the organization exists and that the person is authorized to collect on behalf of the organization. Without making personal contact with these references, we will not grant a certificate.

Step 4: Application Approval

Once the applicant provides us with all the information we need, the process generally takes about one to two weeks. The process can take longer if we are awaiting information or are having trouble contacting the references.