March 7, 2021

Non-Approved Solicitations

The following information is to be provided to those that come to your door and do not have a satisfactory approval from our VAAD. To print out this form in PDF to provide to those individuals, click HERE.


כדי לקבל את טופס הבקשה או מידע נוסף נא להתקשר לועד. כל אדם הרוצה לאסוף תרומות בקהילתנו חייב לקבל אישור התרמה מועד הצדקה. זמן קבלת אישור התרמה בקהילה אורך כשבוע עד שבועיים

All meshulachim collecting in our community must receive approval from the Tzedakah Committee. There is no cost for this approval.

After submission of our application, approval typically takes one week.

To receive an application and for additional information, please contact the committee:

Office hours: Sunday: 9am – 11am Monday – Thursday 10am-2pm

Phone: 201-343-5190



Fax: 201-833-0150

Click on the image below to obtain our PDF Committee Information Handout Sheet